Tenure Achievement Unlocked

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As previously announced on twitter, I have been granted tenure and promotion at Laurier.

So why not collate all the things that went into the tenure and prommotion application, i.e., a summary of the last 5½ years:

  • 14 per-reviewed papers (>20 unique coauthors)
  • 9 papers in review (some rejected and resubmitted, some accepted)
  • 18 undergrad courses taught (1 reading course)
  • 4 grad courses taught
  • 3 PDF, 6 MSc, 5 BSc students supervised or co-supervised
  • variety of committee work that is difficult to enumerate

Before the end-of-year lab lunch, the current cohort gave me this:

In case of emergency, ask Jason.

It takes a lot of people to be successful.

Thanks everyone.